Mathcad Electrical Engineering Library

Mathcad Electrical Engineering Library 14.0

This Library is a set of help files for electrical students
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Mathcad Electrical Engineering Library is an addon for the Mathcad software.
It is not like the regular addons you get in the programs. It is just a set of help files or ebooks that has many theorems and formulas on electrical engineering.

It describes the Kirchhoff's laws, AC current analysis, transformer selection for industrial load, power plant distribution planning etc. In short, it describes how you can use Mathcad to solve electrical engineering problems.

But the main problem is that it is not an addon. There is no facility to draw a circuit and allow the program to solve the unknown values. Mathcad is just a basic engineering application. It has a lot of capabilities. As the developers of the software has said, it is really easy easy to learn and use, since there are fewer things you need to learn. The programming style is simple. But it is very difficult to implement an engineering model in it. It is actually a good one for solving small problems, or solving a problem in parts. You can't use just the program to solve a big problem. For example, you analyze a circuit, draw the directions of currents, represent the components and currents by some terms, and then try to convert it into the mathematical language that can be used with the program.

I would recommend this software and the addons to someone who is studying the subjects, to get a better understanding of the matter.

One main drawback is the price. 310$ for just a couple of help files is far too much.

Zack Martin
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  • Ebook is very good
  • Simple to understand


  • High Price
  • Less features
  • Difficult to do the engineering problems
  • No much ability to visualize an engineering problem
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